Bring your Novolam Selection to Life

As our Novolam Collection expands, we want to ensure we remain at the forefront of, not only design but technology too. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve just furthered our online offering with a new website tool, called the Visualizer.

The tool lives up to its name, allowing you to apply different products from the Novolam Collection to a kitchen scene, all so you can get a better picture of what your colour combination will look like in reality. The tool offers a tab that showcases our latest range and allows users to select and view individual decors on different surfaces. Every surface can be manipulated to reflect your choice in Novolam products, from the kitchen island and back cupboards, to the kitchen handles, counter tops, floor and walls. It allows you to play around with various looks and colour combinations – to see what works well together and what doesn’t. And because this tool allows you to get a better visual of the final outcome, it’ll also mean that you can be 100% sure about your colour selection. So, you don’t regret the combination later on. Once you’re done you can save the image and your colour selections by filling in your details. It’s so easy! So, what will your Novolam product selection be? Test your colour combo out on our Visualizer tool today by visiting