The Novolam Collection App

App: Novolam App Version: Version 7.0.2 Developer: BcLab Download here: Android: Apple: Platforms: Android, iOs Price: Free The Novolam app offers a user-friendly interface for architects, interior designers, clients or a homeowner, whereby they may explore the numerous design possibilities by mixing up styles and textures from The Novolam Collection. The app is… View Article Read More

Green Technology – Paving the Way to a Sustainable Planet

Can we help reverse the negative effects of our human footprint on the planet? At Sona Arauco, we are focused on finding ways of bettering our processes and researching new technologies. Here are five brilliant and creative technologies from all around the world that have been invented to create a more sustainable future for us… View Article Read More

Mixing Mediums

Many people will tell you that there are certain rules when it comes to interior design that you simply should not break, this is not true. Many professional interior designers achieve their best designs by breaking the standard; boring rules of interior design and the home they create are amazing. What is our favourite rule… View Article Read More

Cosy Colours to Beat Winter Chills

Winter has arrived and the chill has started to set into our bones and our homes. While we have unpacked our warm coats and cosy woolen jerseys, the same can be applied in our homes. Read on to find out how you can warm up your home this winter using décor and classy interior design…. View Article Read More

How To Visualise Your Space

You have decided to redesign the space you live in, whether it is a single room or your entire home, but the question is, where do you begin? EuroCucino 2018 showcased a beautiful array of dark colour palettes, clean lines, and details inspired by technology, creating spaces which look and feel elegant and beautiful and… View Article Read More

Bring Life into Your Kitchen

We all love to use fresh, flavourful herbs in our cooking. Having a few potted herbs can breathe life with fresh air into your home and compliment any style of kitchen: from rustic farmhouse to the sleek and elegant designs seen at international kitchen conventions. While some have the enviable green thumb, many of us… View Article Read More

Sonae Arauco is Serious About Sustainability

Simply saying that a company is committed to sustainability is easy, taking the necessary steps and staying true to that commitment is essential for success in modern-day business. At Sonae Arauco, we’ve made the promise to ourselves and to our clients to adopt and maintain sustainable business practices, and here is how we do it…. View Article Read More

Design Your Kitchen to Recycle with The 3 Bin System

Creating a kitchen, whether in a home or at a restaurant, that assists in aiding in the well-being of the environment is a big step to becoming part of the green movement. Recycling goes a long way to help save the earth and landfills around the globe from filling up with unnecessary waste and leads… View Article Read More

Sonae Arauco Explores European Trends

Sonae Arauco visited EuroCucina! Sonae Arauco recognizes the importance of keeping up with the trends and is committed to moving the Novolam Collection to new heights. We are dedicated to supplying our clients with the latest trends in Wood-based decorative panels, ensuring no kitchen or interior designer is left behind. Here are a few trends… View Article Read More

Simulate Your Living Space With Novolam

At Novolam, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach, not just when it comes to our designs, but to our overall offering. It’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to help you browse our Novolam Collection. Introducing the Simulator, our new website tool that allows you to visualise the Novolam products you want in… View Article Read More