Simulate Your Living Space With Novolam

At Novolam, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach, not just when it comes to our designs, but to our overall offering. It’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to help you browse our Novolam Collection. Introducing the Simulator, our new website tool that allows you to visualise the Novolam products you want in… View Article Read More

Bring your Novolam Selection to Life

The tool lives up to its name, allowing you to apply different products from the Novolam Collection to a kitchen scene, all so you can get a better picture of what your colour combination will look like in reality. The tool offers a tab that showcases our latest range and allows users to select and… View Article Read More

A New Year of new Innovation

Each and every design we produce is meant to replicate and capture the beauty of nature in bold, authentic designs. With this in mind, we stepped into 2017 by introducing a new addition to our Inspiration Collection, called Nordic Ice. This highly adaptable design reflects our consistent innovation, and brings with it a new dimension… View Article Read More

New Additions to the Novolam Collection

Imagination. Excitement. Creativity. Awakening. These are some of the words that are associated with our Inspiration range, a pallet of finishes that spark the imagination and stir our creative sides. So we are proud to announce three new additions the Collection, three new colours that reflect the latest in global design trends and bring a… View Article Read More

Inspiration In Your Pocket

Our handy Novolam mobile app, available in both the Google Play and App Store, brings products to life in different room configurations such as the bathroom, kitchen, office and cupboards. The decors tab in the app is essentially a digital catalogue of our current available range. It provides you with the ability to view the… View Article Read More

Join Our World

The Collection The Novolam™ Collection is based on décor trends created in European design houses. Featuring woodgrains with complementary uni-colours, it is extremely versatile, with numerous styles that can be used individually or in combination. The Novolam™ Collection is available in three different finishes, each providing a unique “look and feel”, ensuring its functionality in… View Article Read More