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Tl‘: lee cl lfer  rut li H l sh  ea«':l’i p r »;:m:sl l H «:3
3 u n l q u 6  l «:><:.l  mil  |   n su H n :1] its
lu rl <::ti 0 rl  l ity in a ll 9 n r C) n m  In);
A stalwart embossed finish, bringing wood grains to life.
Suitable for most applications
l This linear embossed finish provides a deep-matte effect, creating Provides a smooth surface that is great for all environments,
a highly authentic wood grain. Perfect for all applications whilst maintaining its natural appeal. Ideal for all applications
DlSI'lTillTli""" l‘-lI'vT.'1ll (lr’irr.u':2 am {1i.‘.'1ll:'1l7l7" ll‘ all fl7rr»"- lrrnzzlvni. F‘l(:n-3:: r»"-lrir in mm (‘l"2"'."7"rl'rl( l3«im’l'im»' on mu ‘.'.~’:l’v-'{tr" for i_L,‘l.l(lV"lll‘(.'*:.
HOVO |am”“

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